Rick and Tom Co-own a Pair of Papuan Pythons (Apodora Papuana)

Pictured: 'Patrick' Male Papuana

Tom Middlebrook aka 'Middlebrook Reptiles' aka 'Ailurus'

Tom is 25 years old and has been keeping reptiles for over a decade. He has bred many different species from many different taxa; including Nephrurus sp; various pythons and many others. Tom is recognizable at reptile shows as he will be the one wearing a T shirt with a snake on by 'Tell Hicks' or a microclimate T Shirt, this is not worn ironically. Tom has a degree in Zoology from Royal Holloway University of London and works as a professional reptile keeper and breeder at a well-known commercial reptile breeding facility in Surrey which specialises in geckos and chameleons. Tom based his reptile collection in many ways on animals he grew up seeing as a child at ZSL. Tom possesses the most diverse python collection in the UK; working with more species than anyone else (unconfirmed but not disputed). He mainly keeps Australian and South East Asian species; including Antaresia, Aspidites, Liasis etc. Tom also has an interest in unusual Asian colubrids such as Oreocryptophis and Gonyosoma (Rhynchophis) species. Despite having a large collection of Pythons, Tom only has one boa species; Chilabothrus subflavus, the Jamaican Boa which he hopes to breed in the future once they are up to size. Tom also keeps a few different lizards; specialising in the rare and unusual. He has 5 adult iguanas of the genus Cyclura, Ctenosaura species, Varanus and Indonesian Frilled Dragons. If you want to talk to someone about Pythons Tom is your guy. Feel free to message or ask him any animal queries in person at a reptile show; however, if you have any questions about Royal Pythons he will not answer as they are of no interest to him at all!

Rick Pellen aka 'rickpellen' aka 'International PSB'

Rick is 28 years old has been keeping reptiles for over 15 years and bred his first geckos in 2003. At that time his Mum would not let him keep any snakes! You can recognize Rick Pellen at reptile shows as usually he will be wearing a wolf shirt by 'the mountain' or a hawaiian shirt (this is worn ironically). His collection has changed dramatically since then and is now mainly focused on snakes particularly large colubrids and some Python and Boa species. Rick works as a professional pest controller in the South of England. Rick also has an academic interest in zoos and captive animals generally and has visited many zoos throughout Europe and North America, including the Washington National Zoo, San Diego, Berlin Zoo, Chester and Prague. Currently Rick maintains probably the largest breeding colony of False Water Cobras in Europe (unconfirmed, but not disputed) with a range of bloodlines and morphs available; and has specialised in this species since 2007. Any questions regarding this species should be aimed at him! Rick also keeps several boa species including Candoia (C.B. Australis, C. Aspera, C. P. Tasmai and C. Paulsoni). As well as a small breeding group of royal pythons, specialising in the rarely seen ‘het red’ gene and an eclectic mix of other specialist species including fattail geckos, Chahoua Geckos and Drymarchon! If you have any queries regarding False Water Cobra's please direct this at Rick. Unlike Tom; Rick does find royal pythons interesting and is not ashamed to admit this!