Rick almost always has FWCs available throughout the year also usually Candoia Boas and Mossy geckos, please enquire on fb for availability. there is a link on the page Contact Us

I do not usually put up specific images of individual animals for sale on this page so please contact me if you are after a specific animal.

I am a member of SRAS and attend all UK and some international Reptile Shows.


2.2 Liasus Mackloti £180 each

several Python Brongersmai, all het for albino (blood pythons) £150 each

To learn more about breeding false water cobras click here

To learn more about false water cobras click here...False Water Cobra

PSB Reptiles- false water cobras

The above images show the 3 morphs of false water cobra bred by Rick Pellen the Reptile Breeder. (King, Hypo and Normal)